Career Counselling and Visa Services

We believe in empowering individuals through comprehensive Career Counselling and Visa Services

  • Personalized Career Counseling

  • Continuous Updates on Visa Policies

  • Industry-Relevant Guidance

  • Skills Enhancement Recommendations

  • Interview Preparation Assistance

Our seasoned career counselors engage with clients to chart out personalized academic trajectories that align with their unique aspirations and the evolving demands of various industries. Beyond academic guidance, GDEC is committed to simplifying the visa application process. Our dedicated visa services encompass meticulous document verification, application submission support, and proactive updates on policy changes. With GDEC, individuals receive a dual commitment to not only defining their academic and career goals but also navigating the complexities of the visa application journey with ease.

We continue to stand by its clients, offering valuable support upon arrival in a new country.

Our experienced career counselors take a personalized approach, delving into the unique strengths, aspirations, and industry dynamics relevant to each client. By understanding individual goals and aligning them with current industry demands, we chart a strategic academic pathway that lays the foundation for a successful career journey.